Designer-Centric Show

The event will showcase the work of 25 designers from India and other countries, with top talent being chosen by our jury on the basis of merit and creative aspects.

Immense Business Opportunities

Showcase products and unique offerings to clients from different Asian countries, connect with industry giants from across the globe and businesses from related fields.

International Associations

ADW is associated with several other prestigious international fashion events and organizations with whom it collaborates for the growth of Asian Fashion

Cross-Cultural Exchanges

ADW brings together the essence of Asia under umbrella for the world to see wherein designers can contribute with their individual creativity and enhance their skills.

Learning Platform

With immense knowledge and expertise being brought together on one single platform, ADW presents a unique learning platform to designers and upcoming talent.

Exhibitions and B2C Interactions

Space for exhibitions to showcase designers fashion line and products to customers and to engage with target audience and potential market directly.

Media & Promotions

Media coverage, newspaper advertisements and social media networking to promote design creations, connect with global audience and enhance business growth.

Digital Technology

Exclusive ADW eCommerce portal and digital marketing to help designers establish themselves in the industry and also make an impact through social media.