ADW is heralding in a new wave in the Asian Fashion & Design Industry by bringing together designers, artists, models, studios and creative geniuses from across India and Asia on a single platform. ADW strongly believes in its core values:

  • Nurturing Talent – The platform is dedicated to nurturing top and emerging Asian designers and showcase their talents irrespective of their age, gender, religion, caste and social background. ADW provides opportunities to next-gen designers, fashion models, make-up artists and other technicians to garner invaluable experience on the world stage.
  • Encouraging Ethnic and Cultural Mix – ADW focuses on bringing together different cultures and ethnic values to boost continuous innovation and talent recognition in the world of fashion and design. The various cultures, traditions and colours of Asia provide a never-before-seen cultural extravaganza on a single platform.
  • Giving Wings to Creative Geniuses – With the growing commercialisation in the fashion and design industry, creative thinking and ingenuity sometimes take a back seat. ADW is committed to bring to the forefront creative gurus, who will further enhance the learning environment for aspiring and new-gen designers.
  • Revolutionise the Creative Industry– ADW aims to not only promote designers and talented artists but also bring in a new age in the fashion and design world by way of unique concepts, live shows, thought leadership, brand engagements, and trend-setting events.


In order to accomplish its goals, ADW aims to strengthen its strategic pillars:


To invite global industry brands, renowned designers, young entrepreneurs, export houses, buyers, retailers, e-Commerce companies, investors, startups and business professionals to the event and facilitate networking among themselves. This will provide them with growing business opportunities and expand their horizons in the field of fashion and design across the continent. With the advent of e-Commerce and mobility solutions, we will further enhance the connectivity between talent and business to bring Asian fashion and design to the world’s centre-stage.


With design institutes playing a crucial role in honing the skills of future designers, leaders and entrepreneurs, it is imperative to involve them as one of our strategic partners. ADW supports young talented designers through scholarships for under privileged students and mentorship programme. We intend to work with institutes and students collectively to make the experience engaging and fruitful. The NextGen Emerging Talent is one such platform wherein design students from various institutes compete to win scholarship and other opportunities during ADW.


Rapid innovation in technology has changed the way we communicate and do business. We leverage our technological advancement and digital marketing expertise to promote our designers’ work and talent globally through social media and e-commerce platforms. FIO Marketplace provides the channel through which ADW designers can showcase their products to the global audiences and also communicate and network with each other. With our advanced technology and digital interfaces, designers can promote their unique offerings to the world.​


With a clear vision to generate invaluable creativity, build knowledge centres, incubate young ideas, encourage sustainability and promote industry interface between designers and key international players, ADW will forge long-lasting partnerships and mutually-rewarding collaborations with other associations, groups, individuals and institutes in the global fashion and design industry. We aim to promote the cultural mix by strengthening the industry ties with our counterparts from other nations, which will further enhance the growth of Asian fashion and design across the globe.